Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Do you charge for estimates?

No. All estimates are absolutely free.

Can you match the color to a sample or a color chip?

Yes. Xenak Painting can match any color in any brand of paint.

Do you replace the rotten wood?

Yes, rotting wood must be replaced or it will spread onto surrounding wood.

Why is the wood rotting?

Water penetration and mildew are the main causes. Rotting is stopped by caulking and re-painting.

What causes mildew and how can I eliminate it?

Mildew is caused by moisture. Re-caulking and re-painting will solve this issue.

How long will the paint smell last inside my house and is it harmful?

It depends on the type of paint used. Environmentally friendly paints are available and almost all paints are safe.

How much disruption will there be around the house?

Professionalism, neatness and clean-up is as important as the painting itself. We will carefully cover and protect your furnishings, carpets, floors, walkways, plants, etc. We strive to have only positive impact on your home.

What does gloss level, paint finish, sheen or enamel mean?

These terms describe the smoothness and light reflectivity of the dry paint on a painted surface.

When a contractor says he is bonded, what does that mean?

It means that there is an insurance policy in place for $12,500.00 to cover finishing a job when using a licensed contractor if the contractor does not finish your project.

I have old paint, how do I dispose of it?

Do not throw your paint in the trash. Paint should be disposed at Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers.

Do I need to be there?

No, you can meet us and leave during the painting or leave a key hidden somewhere for us to find. We will lock up and leave the key inside or return the key to its hidden location when we are done.

Any other question?

Give us a call on (949) 235-5766 or e-mail us